At the National Advanced Drivers School we take pride in the level of service which we've provided to our customers since 1987. Over that time our courses have been continuously reviewed, refined and improved to the point where we're able to offer a comprehensive product now recognised by large and small fleet operators, private and public organisations and fleet insurers.

Among the benefits our Courses are:

Forward Planning

All customers receive a regular Newsletter together with Schedule of firm Course Dates covering the ensuing eight months. Course bookings can be made by email, phone, fax or mail months in advance, with confidence.

Nationwide Venues

We can run courses all over the country at more than one venue at a time and train up to 60 drivers at once.

Comprehensive Driver Training

We cover all aspects of Driver Training, from tyre maintenance to emergency skills, Accident Avoidance and Defensive Driving Techniques as well as a session on the Road Code.

Full Supervision

All drivers are fully supervised at all times so as to maximise safety. All drivers receive instant feedback on every attempt at every practical exercise throughout the course.

Managerial Feedback

Following completion of the course, you receive a Vehicle Condition Report on the vehicle used, as well as a Skills Assessment report on the Driver, covering both skill level and progress.

Backup Service

We also offer a backup service for all ongoing problems; fleet management and risk management advice; and we can also offer two higher levels of instruction for those wishing to take their driving skills further.

Who else can offer you service like this?

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